Wondering how to include karela in your diabetes diet? We are here to help


  • Bitter gourd is incredible for diabetes management
  • Karela has a characteristic bitter taste
  • Karela is replete with health benefits

Despite karela’s mixed fan-base, there are umpteen preparations of the gourd vegetable that we can count on our fingers. Karela is renowned for its strong bitter taste; it is a popular veggie across the Indian subcontinent. A variety of savoury dishes can be made with karela; it can also be clubbed with other veggies and tubers. We, as a nation, are so obsessed with karela that we even make halwa out of it.  Karela also offers a range of health benefits. It is a summer vegetable, full of fibre – hence, a great option to improve digestive health and ensure healthy weight-management. Fibres help keep you full and prevent you from over-eating. Additionally, bitter gourd is enriched with iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene and vitamin C. Karela may also do wonders for your blood sugar. Yes, you heard us. Bitter gourd has anti-diabetic properties that may keep blood sugar levels in control. Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin, that may help prevent blood sugar spikes naturally.

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If you are wondering how to include karela in your diabetes diet, we are here to help. You would be happy to know that karela is fairly easy to cook, and this toss up of bitter gourd, curd and spices will surely make you drool. The recipe was posted on NDTV Food’s YouTube channel. It can be paired with roti. Since, white rice is not recommended for diabetic patients, you can pair it with brown rice too; however you must be careful of the portion size.

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